CAD-Earth is designed to easily import/export images, objects and terrain meshes between Google Earth™ and major CAD programs.


With CAD-Earth you can import and export images and objects to Google Earth™. Additionally, you can import terrain configurations from Google Earth™, draw contour lines, and create cross sections or profiles. CAD-Earth Plus also allows you to perform slope zone analysis, along with many other additional features.

What does CAD-Earth look like?

Main Features:

  • Geo-reference drawing commands
  • Grab map/image
  • Import image from Google Earth™
  • Import objects from Google Earth™
  • Export CAD screenshot to Google Earth™
  • Export CAD Objects to Google Earth™
  • Insert Geo-referenced Images
  • Make point blocks
  • Import terrain mesh from Google Earth™
  • Draw contour lines
  • Set mesh visibility
  • Draw cross sections from mesh
  • Annotate cross sections
  • Draw profile from mesh
  • Annotate profile
  • Slope analysis


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