Galaxy Soho in Beijing by Zaha Hadid

Galaxy Soho in Beijing by Zaha Hadid

Galaxy SOHO_Beijing

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  • Beijing, China
  • 2009 – 2012
  • SOHO China Ltd.
  • Built
  • 332,857m2
  • Plot area 46,965 m2
  • Above Ground 4 Towers 15 Floors (12 Office Floors and 3 Retail Floors)
  • Max Height 67 meters
  • Below Ground B1 Floor Retail and B2 & B3 Parking (1275 cars), MEP
  • Retail Floors B1F,1F,2F,3F (90,000 m2)

Five continuous, flowing volumes coalesce to create an internal world of continuous open spaces within Galaxy Soho – a new office, retail entertainment complex devoid of corners or abrupt transitions – a re-inventing of the classical Chinese courtyard which generates an immersive, enveloping experience at the heart of Beijing.

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