Some Styles Of Popular Kitchen Design

Speaking of kitchen renovation, it is always recommended that the homeowner choose some sort of theme or style to complete the design in, as this will prevent the remodel from turning into a big miss-matched mess. Three of the most popular kitchen design styles at the moment are that of the cottage, country and Tuscan kitchen. Some builders NZ who also offered services in the house plans and plumbing issues solving provided the following information.

When people think of cottage design, they envisage a space with a comfortable sort of feel, with colours that you would expect to find in the garden and lots of natural fibres. This kitchen design is ideal for small spaces, as cottages would traditionally have a small kitchen.

For the finishing touches to this kitchen style, include some vintage tea towels, a display case full of plates and a pitcher of freshly cut flowers. Periwinkle blue, cream and white are generally the colours of choice for this type of design. Think of ways to make the space feel ‘homey’ and comfortable, such as by throwing a hand-woven rug onto the bare floor.

When people think of country design, they tend to think of a classical and traditional look that you would find in a farmhouse, with timber featuring in the space prominently. This kitchen design is ideal for larger or open spaces, as this is typically how a farmhouse kitchen is set out.For accenting this kitchen style, choose bold colours that embody the rural lifestyle, such as yellow (sun), red (soil and rust), green (grass), and blue (sky), as well as off whites, ivories and light beiges. Paisley and floral prints are also quite common. Include tile and ceramic features as your finishing touches.

When people think of Tuscan design, they tend to conjure up images of Italy and hearty food, with a sense of warmth constantly flowing throughout the space. Like country design, this kitchen style is ideal for large and open spaces, as this encourages others to join in the cooking.When adding the finishing touches to this kitchen style, include colours and textures that are both soft and warm (such as rich reds and earthy browns). Try and find some handcrafted tiles that depict typical Tuscan themes, such as grapevines, vineyards, tomatoes, olives and so on. You should also look at including wrought iron for accenting the whole space.


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