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Picture Frame Crafts For Your Kids Party
By Patricia B. Jense

One of the most popular party favors is a framed picture of the party guest taken at your kids party. He or she could be showing off a silly hat or party costume, performing an outrageous party game stunt, or wearing a face full of frosting and ice cream.

Having party guests create their own make-and-take frame to display this memorable photo makes it an even greater treasure for the memory box.

Start with a plain square of cardboard with an opening the size of your picture. When the decorating is done, simply glue picture to the back of the frame.

Here's a brainstorm of frame ideas and decorating materials kids can use:

  • Cut your photo into a circle and glue to the center of a nice shiny CD. Decorate with star stickers.

  • Cut frames from different colored craft foam. Layer the foam squares for a unique effect. Decorative foam pieces in many unique shapes and themes are available at your craft store.
  • Make a simple craft stick frame and decorate it with faux gems, sequins, sparkles, or stickers.

  • Fashion a frame with craft clay.

  • Use faux craft fur to make a really "wild" looking frame. Great for a jungle themed party.

  • Tie one end of a long length of colorful yarn to your cardboard square. Wrap the yarn around and around the square until it is completely covered.

  • *Glue tiny Barbie doll accessories such as combs, brushes, sunglasses, and purses. Ideal for a Barbie party or little girl's dress up party.

  • Brush a square of cardboard with white craft glue. Sprinkle craft sand onto the glue in different colors and patterns. Shake excess sand onto newspapers and let dry.

  • *Use outdoor treasures such as tiny pine cones, leaves, and small stones to make a nature frame. Perfect for a garden party or bug party.

  • Colorful buttons in various sizes and shapes can be laid out in an interesting design.

  • Apply geometrical shapes of felt in a creative pattern.

  • Cover your frame with pretty fabric.

  • Apply colored clay shapes to your cardboard square.

  • Hard edible sugar decorations for cakes come in a variety of themes. These can be used to decorate your frame.

  • Different shapes of macaroni make interesting frame decorations. Try elbows, wheels, bowties, and fusilli.

  • Tiny colored pompoms make a cute soft frame. Apply complementary colors in rows.

  • Tear off one inch pieces of multi-colored tissue paper. Pinch between fingers, dip in glue and apply to your frame.
  • Small dried beans or peas laid out in intricate patterns make a
    unique frame.

  • Kids will love the hands-on party activity and parents will enjoy their child's picture displayed in their own uniquely creative frame.

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    About the Author
    Patricia B. Jensen is a mother of three and kids party enthusiast. She is the webmaster and owner of Kids-Party-Paradise.com - a complete resource for kids party ideas including invitations, cakes, decorations, games, costumes, favors, and food.

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