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Online UniversityTitle: Discreet 3ds max 6
Author: Michael Hurwicz
Movies: 125 lessons
Duration: 9.5 Hours
Price: $99.95

VTC presents: Discreet 3ds max 6 software - the latest version of Discreet's award-winning modeling, animation, and rendering solution used by the world's top 3D professional artists and designers to create eye-catching visual effects, cutting-edge games, and unique design visualizations. VTC Author Michael Hurwicz on his 3D Studio Max 6 Tutorials guides you through visualization, construction and animation of your own 3D projects and characters. His expertise and easy to follow teaching style will have you creating worlds of your own in no time. To get started simply click on the links below.

For complete CD Contents, please go to VTC where you can Purchase the CD or signup to the Online University for access to the entire library for just $30 a month.

Listed below are all of the chapter and lesson contents for Discreet 3ds max 6 tutorials.

We have made some of the video tutorials for Discreet 3ds max 6 freely available to help you evaluate our training.

Click on any of the linked lesson listings below to preview FREE!
QuickTimeTo view the Free Tutorials listed below, you must have QuickTime installed. Please note that the online free samples have been compressed for quicker downloads. Purchased CDs have higher sound and video quality.
3D Studio Max 6 Tutorials - 3ds max 6 software, the latest version of Discreet's award-winning modeling, animation, and rendering solution.

discreet 3ds max 6


About this Tutorial
What's New in 3ds max 6

Getting Started

System Requirements
Setting Screen Depth
Setting up your Workspace
Playing Safe

Working With Objects

Viewing and Hiding Pt.1
Viewing and Hiding Pt.2
Viewing and Hiding Pt.3
Viewing and Hiding Pt.4

Selecting Objects

Selecting Objects Pt.1
Selecting Objects Pt.2
Named Selections: Renaming
Selecting Objects: Conclusion

Modifying Objects

Modifying Geometry/Modifiers Pt.1
Modifying Geometry/Modifiers Pt.2
Modifying Geometry/Modifiers Pt.3
Modifiers and Parameters Pt.1
Modifiers and Parameters Pt.2
Modifiers and Parameters Pt.3
Transforms: Move/Rotate
Transforms: Screen Handle
Transforms: Scale/Squash
Numeric Transforms: Move
Numeric Transforms: Rotation
Numeric Transforms: Scale
Transforms vs. Modifiers
Cloning Pt.1
Cloning Pt.2


Rendering Basics
Rendering Options
The Mental Ray Renderer Pt.1
The Mental Ray Renderer Pt.2
The Mental Ray Renderer Pt.3
The Mental Ray Renderer Pt.4

Groups and Layers

Grouping Objects Pt.1
Grouping Objects Pt.2
Organizing Objects in Layers Pt.1
Organizing Objects in Layers Pt.2

Using 2D Shapes To Make 3D Objects

2D Shapes Pt.1
2D Shapes Pt.2
2D Shapes Pt.3
Shapes/Rendering & Interpolation
NURBS Curves Pt.1
NURBS Curves Pt.2
Lofted Objects: Creating
Lofted Objects: Modifying
Using Deformation Curves

Working With Precision

Units and Grids
Using Snaps
Using Keyboard Entry
Using Assistance Objects
Using the Align Tool

Surface Modeling

Introduction to Mesh and Poly
Introduction to Patch and Nurbs
Editable Mesh Pt.1
Editable Mesh Pt.2
Editable Poly
Editable Patch Pt.1
Editable Patch Pt.2
Editable Patch Pt.3
NURBS Surface/Converting to NURBS
NURBS: Curve-Based

Materials And Maps

Introduction to Materials and Maps
Opacity/Materials on Sub-Objects
Introduction to the Maps Rollout
Multi/Sub-Object Materials
Material Libraries
Creating Mapped Materials
Maps on Sub-Objects
The Coordinates Rollout
The Ink'N'Paint Material
The Unwrap UVW Modifier Pt.1
The Unwrap UVW Modifier Pt.2

Animation - Introduction

Animation: Auto Key
Animation: Set Key

Basic Cameras And Lights

Standard Cameras
Camera Controls
Standard Target and Free Lights
Target and Free Light Controls
Omni and Skylight
Aligning Cameras and Lights
Advanced Lighting Pt.1
Advanced Lighting Pt.2

Atmospheric Effects

Fire Effect
Volume Fog
Volume Light


Linking and Hierarchies
Pivot Points
Schematic View
Viewing an Animation
Previewing Animation
Inverse Kinematics Pt.1
Inverse Kinematics Pt.2
Bones and Skin: Creating
Bones and Skin: Adjusting

Animation - Motion Controllers

Motion Controllers: Introduction
Track View: Curve Editor Pt.1
Track View: Curve Editor Pt.2
Track View: Dope Sheet

Special Effects

Particle Systems: Basics/Presets
SuperSpray Particle System Pt.1
SuperSpray Particle System Pt.2
SuperSpray Particle System Pt.3
Space Warps: Overview and Creating
Dynamics: Bouncing a Sphere
PDeflector: Bouncing Particles
Particle Flow Pt.1
Particle Flow Pt.2
Reactor Pt.1
Reactor Pt.2
Reactor Pt.3
Morphing Pt.1
Morphing Pt.2
Morphing Pt.3
Video Post

Plug-Ins And Complementary Software

Discreet Certified Plug-Ins
Other 3rd Party Plug-Ins
Poser and BodyStudio


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3D Studio Max 6 Tutorials