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Online Video Tutorials

Online UniversityTitle: Autodesk 3ds max 8
Author: Michael Thomas Green
Movies: 181 lessons
Duration: 11.5 Hours
Price: $99.95

Autodesk® 3ds max 8® is a mature, robust, full-featured 3D modeling and animation application used by the world's top 3D professional artists and designers to create eye-catching visual effects, cutting-edge games, and unique design visualizations. It features a powerful built-in scripting language, MAXScript. Its Character Studio and “biped” features, offer rich character animation functionality. Pelt mapping makes applying textures to complex characters faster and easier. In this advanced tutorial, Virtual Training Company author Michael Thomas Green on his 3D Studio Max 8 Tutorials focuses on MAXScript, Character Studio and biped, as well as new features in 3ds max 8, such as cloth, hair and pelt mapping." A perfect follow up to VTC's discreet 3ds max 7 Tutorial by the same author. To get started learning 3ds max 8 today, simply click on the links.

For complete CD Contents, please go to VTC where you can Purchase the CD or signup to the Online University for access to the entire library for just $30 a month.

Listed below are all of the chapter and lesson contents for Autodesk 3ds max 8 tutorials.

We have made some of the video tutorials for Autodesk 3ds max 8 freely available to help you evaluate our training.

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3D Studio Max 8 Tutorials - Autodesk 3ds max 8 is a mature, robust, full-featured 3D modeling and animation application.

Autodesk 3ds max 8

Introduction and Setting Up

About Max 8 and This Course
New in Max 8 Pt.1
New in Max 8 Pt.2


What is MAXScript?
The MAXScript Menu
The MAXScript Listener and Mini-Listener
MAXScript Help
Syntax Rules in Help Files
Characters with Special Meanings
Introduction to Variables
the MAXScript Debugger Pt.1
the MAXScript Debugger Pt.2

MAXScript--Creating Objects

Creating Geometry
Creating Shapes-Circle
Creating Shapes-Line-Matrix3
Creating Modifiers
Creating Controllers
Creating Materials
Creating Lights
Copy Cloning
Positional and Keyword Parameters


Reserved Words
Names and Naming Rules

MAXScript--Transforming Objects

3D Vectors
Rotate Pt.1
Rotate Pt.2

MAXScript--Running Scripts

Enter-Shift Enter
Drag and Drop to Toolbar
Save-Run Script-Hair and Fur
Evaluate All-Hair and Fur
Startup Directory


For-In Loop Using a Range
Do While

MAXScript--Source Code Layout

Multi-Line Statements


Built-in Sets Pt.1
Built-in Sets Pt.2
Wild-Card Pathname Selection

MAXScript--UI Scripting

Creating a Rollout/Dialog Pt.1
Creating a Rollout/Dialog Pt.2
Rollout UI Control Types
Creating a Rollout Floater Pt.1
Creating a Rollout Floater Pt.2
The Visual MAXScript Editor


Expressions-Order of Evaluation
Code Blocks
Scope Introduction
Nested Scopes
Local and Global Variables

MAXScript--Scripting Animation

Animate On and At Time
Specifying Time Pt.1
Specifying Time Pt.2
Scope and Nesting for Time Contexts
Controllers and Keys Pt.1
Controllers and Keys Pt.2
Creating and Manipulating Modifiers
Scripted Custom Attributes

Character Studio--Biped

Creating and Editing a Biped
Figure Mode and Figure Files Pt.1
Figure Mode and Figure Files Pt.1
Footstep Mode and BIP Files Pt.1
Footstep Mode and BIP Files Pt.2
Track View-List Controllers
Editing Footsteps in Track View
Extracting Footsteps from BIP Files
Intro to MAXScript for the Biped
Freeform Animation
Biped Layers
Biped Dynamics and Spline Dynamics
Motion Flow Mode
Mixer Mode and Motion Mixer
Pelvis as Ball Joint
Bone Twist Controls Pt.1
Bone Twist Controls Pt.2
Bone Twist Controls Pt.3
Twist Poses Pt.1
Twist Poses Pt.2
Twist Poses Pt.3
Using Filmbox .fbx Files

Character Studio--Skin and Physique

Skin and Physique-Introduction
Physique Pt.1
Physique Pt.2
Adjusting Biped to Mesh Pt.1
Adjusting Biped to Mesh Pt.2
Physique and Skin MAXScript Support
Adding Nullhelper to Biped
Skin MAXScript Example
Weight Tool

Character Studio--Biped Animation

Animation Workbench- 3 DOF Rotations
Workbench-Track View Synchronization
IK Blend and Join to Prev IK Key Pt.1
IK Blend and Join to Prev IK Key Pt.2
Presets Pt.1
Presets Pt.2
Pivots Pt.1
Pivots Pt.2
Planting to a Moving Object
Biped Trajectories
Rubber Band Mode
Squash and Stretch w/ List Controllers Pt.1
Squash and Stretch w/ List Controllers Pt.2
Bend Links-Smooth Twist
Layer Retargeting

Character Studio--Motion Flow

Creating keyframes From Motion Flow
Saving and Loading Motion Flow animation
Shared Motion Flow
Positioning and Reorienting-Move All
Retargeting - XAF File

Character Studio--Motion Mixer

Creating a Mixdown
Saving and Loading a .mix File
Creating a Loopable Clip and Tiling
Stretching and Trimming Clips
Combining Clips and Filtering
Mute and Solo Trackgroup
Moving Transition Brackets

Garment Maker and Cloth

Introduction to Garment Maker and Cloth
Loading and Scaling Reference Art
Making Panels Pt.1
Making Panels Pt.2
Garment Maker-Arranging Panels
Garment Maker-Creating Seams
Cloth Modifier-Simulate Local Pt.1
Cloth Modifier-Simulate Local Pt.2
Cloth-Animate and Simulate
Skin the Biped-Preliminaries
Cloth-Skin the Biped Pt.1
Cloth-Skin the Biped Pt.2
Cloth-Simulate Local
Cloth-Group-Surface Constraint
Cloth-Fixup and Re-simulate
Local Resimulate with Constraints
MAXScript-Local Cloth Resimulation
Cape-Garment Maker
Cape-cloth-Create Keys
Cape-Simulate-Weld Mesh
Cloth-group-Surface Constrain hood
Cloth-Node Constraint-Script Controller Pt.1
Cloth-Node Constraint-Script Controller Pt.2
Cloth-Final Cape Implementation Pt.1
Cloth-Final Cape Implementation Pt.2
Cloth-More MAXScript Pt.1
Cloth-More MAXScript Pt.2
Cloth-More MAXScript Pt.3

Hair and Fur

Hair and Fur-Basics
Hair-Cut Length and Scale
Hair-Styling-Holding a Style Pt.1
Hair-Styling-Holding a Style Pt.2


Pelt Mapping-Intro
Pelt Mapping-Create Irregular Object
Pelt Mapping-Check Material IDs
Pelt Mapping-Quick Start
Pelt Mapping-Create Seams
Pelt Mapping-Render UV Template
Pelt Mapping-Edit UVWs
Pelt Mapping-Further Study
Real World Mapping

Summing Up

Wrap Up


About the Author
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3D Studio Max 8 Tutorials