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Online UniversityTitle: Adobe Photoshop CS
Author: Andrew J. Hathaway
Movies: 177 lessons
Duration: 12 Hours
Price: $99.95

Create the highest quality images more efficiently than ever before with this powerful upgrade from Photoshop 7.0. Adobe Photoshop CS is the industry standard for image editing. It is widely used for web design, pre-press production, fine art, and digital photography. Andrew Hathaway, veteran VTC Author and Adobe Certified Expert, in his Adobe Photoshop CS Tutorials, trains from the basics, with the assumption that user has not worked with Photoshop before. He explains basic imaging technology, masks and selections, and color correction and editing. Watch as he demonstrates powerful techniques that you can then apply within the actual application. It's so much easier than reading a bulky manual! To begin learning today, simply click one of the topics below.

For complete CD Contents, please go to VTC where you can Purchase the CD or signup to the Online University for access to the entire library for just $30 a month.

Listed below are all of the chapter and lesson contents for Adobe Photoshop CS tutorials.

We have made some of the video tutorials for Adobe Photoshop CS freely available to help you evaluate our training.

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Adobe Photoshop CS Tutorials - Create the highest quality images more efficiently than ever before with Photoshop 7.0.

Adobe Photoshop CS

Getting Started

What's New?
Work Environment
Basic Interface
Palette Basics
Tools Palette pt. 1
Tools Palette pt. 2
New Document
Open Document
Viewing Images

File Browser

Browser Basics pt. 1
Browser Basics pt. 2
Browser Renaming
Browser Sorting
Browser Metadata
Metadata View Options
Metadata Templates


Image Size pt. 1
Image Size pt. 2
File Size Basics
Navigating Basics
Navigator Palette
Preferences pt. 1
Preferences pt. 2


Selection Basics
Marquee Tool Basics
Tool Preset
Anti-Aliased Edges
Lasso Tools pt. 1
Lasso Tools pt. 2
Magic Wand Tool
Color Range
Save Selection
Quick Mask
Using Selections
Truth About Selections
Select Menu Options
Crop Tool

Working with Color

Picking Color
Custom Colors
Color Palette
HSB Sliders
Choosing Colors
Swatches Palette
Blending Modes
Paint Bucket Tool
Gradient Tool
Gradient Editor pt. 1
Gradient Editor pt. 2

Brush Behaviors

Brushes Basics
Brush Options
Brush Presets
Brushes Palette Overview
Anatomy of a Brush
Captured Brush
Dynamics Basics
Dynamics in Detail pt. 1
Dynamics in Detail pt. 2
Managing Brushes
Preset Manager

Brush Tools

Color Replace Tool
Patch & Healing Brush
Clone Tool
Eraser Tools pt. 1
Eraser Tools pt. 2
Smudge, Sharpen, Blur
History Palette
History Brush
Art History Brush

Color Modes

Color Modes Basics
Bit Depth
RGB & Grayscale
Index Color
Lab Color
Color Management Basics
Soft Proof

Image Adjustments

Histogram Palette
Hue & Saturation
Replace Color
Match Color
Channel Mixer
Shadow Highlight Tool
Adjustment Files
Photo Filter
Invert & Others


Image Size Basics
Canvas Size
Grids & Snap
Keyboard Shortcuts


Layer Basics
Add & Delete Layers
Selecting Layers
Free Transform Box pt. 1
Free Transform Box pt. 2
Layer Locks
Linking Layers
Align & Distribute
Layer Sets
Collapsing Layers
Layer Mask pt. 1
Layer Mask pt. 2
Clipping Group
Adjustment Layers
Blending Modes
Advanced Blending
Layer Comps

Layer Menu & Effects

Layer Effects
Style Tool
Fill Slider
Styles Palette
Layer Menu pt. 1
Layer Menu pt. 2

Vector Tools

Raster vs. Vector
Vector Content
Pen Tool pt. 1
Pen Tool pt. 2
Editing Paths
Using Paths
Freeform Pen Tool
Selection to Path
Shapes pt. 1
Shapes pt. 2
Vector Mask
Custom Shapes


Type Basics
Paragraph Type
Other Type Tools
Character Palette
Paragraph Palette
Rasterizing Type
Type on a Path


Filter Gallery
Unsharp Mask
Gaussian Blur
Using Filters
Liquify Filter pt. 1
Liquify Filter pt. 2

Saving & Printing

Print with Preview
PSD Format
GIF Format
JPEG Format
EPS Format
Photoshop PDF
TIF Format
File Compression

Lawn Art Project

Lawn Art Overview
Seedpod pt. 1
Seedpod pt. 2
Red Pepper
Seedpod Shadow
Red Pepper Cleanup
Pepper Shadow
Pepper Color
Mushroom Adjustments
Leaves Clone


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Adobe Photoshop CS Tutorials