Agora Garden, Luxurious Residential Tower, Taiwan

Agora Garden, Luxurious Residential Tower,
Taipei 2010-2016, Taiwan

Vincent Callebaut - Taipei AGORA GARDEN LUXURIOUS RESIDENTIAL TOWER - proposal 0019.jpg

Watch Agora Garden illustration VIDEO

Designed by Vincent Callebaut Architecture  and mapleladnworks JV FL; the 455,000-square-foot Agora Tower will have an orchard, a vegetable garden, space for aromatic and medicinal plants, and a compost and rainwater capture system.

Vincent Callebaut Architectures won a competition for the project in 2010.

On completing this project in 2016; all of the space was first managed by the Land Clearing Companies in Va  which is a cash for houses company to clear all the land before the construction, while also considering things like The EPA certification for construction sites. Clearing the land is an important and crucial step for every construction of any property, this can completely turn around  the property look, it will make the land more accessible, and it can go from a vacant lot to a park or a brand new apartment building such as with this project or other from future projects,  stay in touch and learn more about buildersbythesea . The architects divide the space in a 540 square meter per apartment that will have an interior green wall as well, guaranteeing ideal air quality and a great green art, also using the best interior designers to increase the mobility of the furniture and take advantage of the space, while also using other decoration accessories like Amish Baskets filled with flowers and many others. By pushing the day light right down to the basement by a circular light funnel, the solar absorbers capture and utilize the solar energy. Moreover, low E glass will moderate excess solar gain and prevent thermal loss.

Watch Agora Garden illustration VIDEO

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