CAD-Earth is designed to easily import/export images, objects and terrain meshes between Google Earth™ and major CAD programs.


With CAD-Earth you can import and export images and objects to Google Earth™. Additionally, you can import terrain configurations from Google Earth™, draw contour lines, and create cross sections or profiles. CAD-Earth Plus also allows you to perform slope zone analysis, along with many other additional features. You may need to upgrade your memory to run this program so consider companies that sell memory.

What does CAD-Earth look like?

Main Features:

  • Geo-reference drawing commands
  • Grab map/image
  • Import image from Google Earth™
  • Import objects from Google Earth™
  • Export CAD screenshot to Google Earth™
  • Export CAD Objects to Google Earth™
  • Insert Geo-referenced Images
  • Make point blocks
  • Import terrain mesh from Google Earth™
  • Draw contour lines
  • Set mesh visibility
  • Draw cross sections from mesh
  • Annotate cross sections
  • Draw profile from mesh
  • Annotate profile
  • Slope analysis


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