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Decorative Concrete GuideDecorative Concrete Guide

The Decorative Concrete Overlay business is an exploding new industry. When we say "new", we mean that it is just now catching the public eye. However, this process has actually existed for over thirty years. Decorative Concrete Overlays can dramatically enhance boring grey concrete into a wonderful works of art.

Decorative Concrete Guide

It is amazing how concrete has changed in the last twenty plus years. Grey old concrete used to be the finished product now it’s just a canvass awaiting beauty and talent. Decorative concrete now has a life all of its own. It can be overlayed into many patterns, stamped, colored, engraved, stained, polished and I’m sure there is more to come.

Decorative concrete has in many ways became a life saver. With decorative concrete you can save concrete that would have otherwise been torn out and replaced or take a new concrete pad and make it look amazing for a lot less than some of the other former chooses of flooring.

If your thinking of having any decorative concrete done a great resource for you is the Decorative Concrete Guide.

This guide will definitely benefit you if one of the following applies to you:

-Business opportunity: If you are thinking about getting in the decorative concrete business, why give away $5,000 to $20,000 to really learn nothing? All you’ll get out of it are questions and a huge credit for materials priced too high, and tools that cost two to three times more than if your purchased them atyour local hardware store or concrete supplier.

- Do it Yourselfers: If you are pretty handy, this a great guide to learn a new talent and spruce up the old back patio. Let me warn you though. Once you do yours be ready because all your friends and family will have your weekends booked up for the rest of the spring and summer!

- Homeowners: If you are wanting to have a Decorative Concrete Overlay done, but want to educate yourself before the contractor starts. We feel strongly that before having any project done to your home, you as the homeowner should have at least a basic knowledge of how it is done. The work you are having done on your home should be looked at as an investment to your most important assest.

Step by step guide to decorative concrete overlays, covering theses topics:

  • Decorative Concrete
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Concrete Overlay
  • Decorative Overlay
  • Stamped Concrete
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Decorative Concrete Guide