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AutoCAD 2006


01-AutoCAD and Architecture
02-The AutoCAD GUI
03-Customizing the Interface
04-Drawing Lines
05-Start and Save New Drawings

Practice Drawing

06-Drawing Straight Lines
07-Modify Commands
08-Zoom Commands
09-Pan and Zoom Features
10-Select Objects

Architectural Drawing Method A

11-Format Units and Origin Point
12-Draw Lines to Exact Lengths
13-Offset Lines
14-Copy Lines and Object Snaps
15-Trim Lines

Architectural Drawing Method B

Common Architectural Practice
Object Snaps
Fillet Command
Circle Command
Copy and Rotate Commands
Move and Extend Commands
Using Grips to Modify
Mirror Command
Distance and List Commands

Printing a Drawing Part I

Basic Printing Features
Printing and the Scale Factor

Applying More Commands

Drawing a Kitchen Table
UCS Icon and Regen Command
Object Snap Tracking
Mirror Command
Array Command


Introduction to Layers
Create New Layers
Layer Properties
Object Properties and Layers
Express Tools: Layers

Creating an Architectural Plan

Drawing a Floor Plan
Create Layers
Drawing the Wall Openings
Drawing the Windows
Drawing More Walls
Drawing Doors and Jambs
Drawing Bi-Fold Doors
Drawing the Shower
Format a Linetype

Creating Blocks and Wblocks

Blocks and Wblock
Creating a Block
Inserting a Block
Redefine a Block
Creating a Wblock
Inserting a Wblock
Clipboard Options

Hatch Patterns

Add a Hatch Pattern - Walls
Add a Hatch Pattern - Floor
Add a Predefined Hatch Pattern
Hatch Pattern Options
Hatch Origin

Creating a Border

Creating a Border
Stretch Command

Composing a Final Drawing

Model Space and Paper Space
External References
The Final Drawing Composition
Working with the Final Drawing
MS/PS/Floating MS

The Architecural Scale Factor

What is the Scale Factor?
Calculating the Scale Factor


Modify Text
Modify Text Location
Multiline and Single Line Text


Anatomy of a Dimension Line
Format a Dimstyle
Drawing Dimension Lines
Editing Dimension Lines
Drawing More Dimension Lines
Creating a New Dimstyle
Creating Leader Lines
Dimension Circle/Arc/Angle

Printing a Drawing Part II

Plot Style Manager
Printing the Drawing
Printing Options
Grayscale Printing
The A1 Printed Drawing

Miscellaneous Information

Purge Command
The Revised Border
DWG as DWT/the E1 Sheet
Modify a Hatch Pattern
Distance Through and Lengthen
Specify Reference
Selecting Objects pt. 1
Selecting Objects pt. 2
Isometric Drawing
Isometric Text and Circles

Beyond Drawing

Draw Order
Command Alias Editor
Tools and Options
The BAK file


Final Words
About the Author

AutoCAD 2006 for Architects - Modify Commands
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You can easily modify the size, shape, and location of objects.

Overview of Modifying Objects
With AutoCAD, you can easily modify the size, shape, and location of objects. You can either enter a command first and then select the objects to modify, or you can select the objects first and then enter a command to modify them. Double-clicking an object displays the Properties palette or, in some cases, a dialog box that is specific to that type of object.

Remove Objects
There are several methods for removing objects from your drawing.

Move Objects
You can move objects in your drawing without changing their orientation or size.

Rotate Objects
You can rotate objects in your drawing around a specified point.

Align Objects
You can move, rotate, or tilt an object so it aligns with another object.

Copy, Offset, or Mirror Objects
You can create duplicates of objects in your drawing that are either identical or similar to selected objects.

Change the Size and Shape of Objects
There are several methods for adjusting the lengths of existing objects relative to other objects both symmetrically and asymetrically.

Create Fillets, Chamfers, or Breaks in Objects
You can change objects to meet in rounded or flattened corners. You can also create gaps in objects.

Use Grips to Edit Objects
Grips are small squares that appear at strategic points on objects selected with a pointing device. You can drag these grips to edit objects directly and quickly.

Modify Splines
Additional editing options are available for changing the shape of spline objects.

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