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House Sketch of 2614 Homestead Drive, Burlington House Sketches: 564 Dynes Road, Burlington House Sketches: 2292 Hemmingway, Burlington
Architectural Sketch: 13 Dalrymple Drive, Waterdown Sketch of House: 498 Rosedale Crescent, Burlington Architectural Sketch: 2145 Berwick Drive, Burlington
House Sketch of 867 Spring Gardens Road, Burlington House Sketch of 1154 Westhaven Drive, Burlington
Architectural Sketch: 3741 Newcastle Dr. Rochester Hills, MI
House Sketches: 48 Ravine Drive, DUNDAS House Sketches: 17 Cammay Avenue, DUNDAS Sketch of House: 626 Empress Crescent, BURLINGTON
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House Sketches Gallery

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